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Client Reviews

I was involved in a rear end collision.

Attorney Kelley helped me collect the policy limits from the driver that rear-ended me and the policy limits from the underinsured motorist policy limits.

I have told other people to hire him for their injury cases and am glad they did."

- Anonymous

Attorney Clint Kelley represented me in my motor cycle accident case.

He helped me get the policy limits from one insurance company and the policy limits from 2 underinsured motorist policies.

I would refer Attorney Kelley to other people who needed his services.

- Anonymous

Clint Kelley handled my workmen's compensation case for me. He successfully protected my benefits and kept me on workmen's comp and then negotiated a lump sum settlement for me at the end of the case. I have recommended Attorney Kelley to other people who need a lawyer.

- Anonymous

Attorney Kelley's work for me was timely and appropriate. He won my case hands down and resolved all related matters for me.

- Anonymous